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"Some decide to buy a boat, some chooses innovation".

Our research is driven by the goal of developing a product that not "comes down to a compromise" and that combines form and function in a unique mix.

On a Renier boat style, comfort, space and safety come together with a design that with its essential lines, with the alternation of sharp edges and curved lines, aims to become a timeless "instant classic".


"Innovation through passion"

The idea of ​​entering the premium-end RIB market, a market that is certainly challenging given the need to deal on the one hand with the big names in the sector and on the other with customers who are increasingly demanding and attentive to details, is the result of skills and the experience gained over the years combined with the desire to offer a product that fully expresses the Renier concept.

The desire to get involved and the passion for the marine world push Luigi Renier to create the R Project. Starting from sketches on simple sheets of paper, working in team with two excellences of nautical design such as the Architects Benedetto Inzerillo and Attilio Albeggiani the design of R9, the first Renier-branded dinghy, began to take shape.

The entire study of our boats has been developed thanks to the help of the latest generation CAD softwares which have allowed us to refine all the technical and functional aspects during the design phase, also allowing us to study a whole series of interesting practical and functional solutions.

The assembly of the boats takes advantage of the skills of highly qualified workers who manage to instill in each specimen the precision and craftsmanship that can hardly be found in other "large series" products.


"Your dream boat. Perfecty shaped.​"

Cantieri Renier Customization Program uses the latest generation of 3D modeling software and allows the future owner  to have a clear idea of the result of the color choices and take step by step decisions on all the details: this will ensure that, once delivered, the boat will be exactly as imagined.

R9 arancio 2.jpg

These are the features that will always distinguish a Renier boat from any other.

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